Teeth Whitening

Recent studies show that people with whiter teeth are viewed as more professional, confident, and attractive. They often gain an edge in the business world and are more likely to be hired. Plus, self-esteem soars when teeth are their whitest and brightest. We invite you to experience the benefits of a brilliantly white smile through dentist-administered in-office or take-home teeth whitening.

A Beautiful Smile in About an Hour!

In-office teeth bleaching works fast. In a single, hour-long appointment, we eliminate dental stains and discolorations caused by foods, red wine, coffee, tea, tobacco, and the aging process. Our professional-strength bleaching gel contains ingredients that are tough on stains, but gentle to teeth. Take a break from your daily routine and achieve a smile that transforms your appearance and your self-esteem.

Whiter Teeth on Your Own Schedule

If you prefer to bleach at home, we’ll create teeth whitening trays custom made for your smile. Fill the trays with our specially-formulated bleaching gel and wear them while you sleep, watch TV, or relax with a book. After ten days to two weeks of use, you’ll be the proud owner of a gleaming smile.

No matter the bleaching method you choose, keep your smile looking its best with at-home touchups. We always stock the supplies you need, so come by any time!

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